We have a winner! #bestbeast

We here at Beast were totally overwhelmed with the entries we received for our recent ‘Best Beast’ competition on Twitter.

We asked you to draw your best Beast, as colourful and ridiculous and adorable as you could draw (or make) and the entries we received were of such a high standard! We were bowled over by the quality of every single entry so first of all we wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who entered. We all had such fun going through the entries and it took us a long time (and lots of tea and cake) to decide on the winner…

Being a democratic sort of Beast, we all voted and are very happy to announce that the winner is…

Rose Walker!

Here’s Rose’s entry:


We loved Rose’s use of block colour, and the simplicity and fun in this little fellow.

Rose’s prize will be a pack of Beast! postcards from our latest exhibition (which runs until 31st March at Cherryleaf Coffee House, Norwich). The pack features fourteen illustrations by the Beasts and Beast Projects Group member Bruce Richardson (@funkyimage), all of images and covers from our favourite classics books.

We also wanted to give a mention to the runners up, @looprentice and @bogi_aka_bogi, whose pieces we were also thrilled by.

We’re working on some little secret projects to be able to offer more prizes for future competitions, so please keep an eye on @BeastNorwich on Twitter for upcoming contests!

Have a great week, everyone!


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